Insurance Investigations

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Insurance Investigations

Timely and accurate insurance investigation Houston is critical to making judicious decisions on the validity of claims. Our seasoned investigators are highly experienced in investigating dubious claims such as personal injury, auto, and property claims. Whether you want to ascertain the validity of claims or effectively manage claims, our detectives can legally undertake covert surveillance and investigations on any kind of claim.

Professional Insurance Investigation Houston

Bond Investigations is a trusted insurance investigation agency in Houston. With over 20 years in business and real-word experience, Bond offers its esteemed clients a range of investigative services in support of life, auto, health, and physical injury claims. Our duty is to conduct thorough and impartial investigations on every suspicious claim. We assist clients to uncover claims with gross misrepresentation so that they can prevent fraud and refer the matter to law enforcement for legal prosecution.

Clients Served:

• Insurance carriers
• Self-insured corporations
• Independent adjusters
• Law firms/attorneys
• Third-Party Administrators

How We Investigate Insurance Claims

Each insurance investigation Houston starts with a one-on-one consultation. Once we understand your case, we’ll assign you detectives who will handle the investigations on dubious or suspicious claims. Our detectives will work swiftly to gather information and key evidence against fraudulent claimants. They will review accident scene documentation, perform surveillance, and scrutinize the subject’s insurance record. Each piece of information about the subject is carefully analyzed to uncover misrepresentation or inconsistency in filing claims.

While conducting insurance investigations, we normally do skip tracing on claimants, respective families, witnesses, and key persons who we need to contact to investigate a claim. Once we ae through with insurance investigation Houston, we’ll prepare a concise and conclusive report on the findings and submit key evidence as well.

Stop Insurance Fraud and Loss

Bond Investigations detectives are widely-acclaimed for their skills and experience in conducting insurance investigation Houston and assisting clients to curb fraud. While conducting surveillance investigation, our detectives pay close attention to state and federal laws so as to avoid the invasion of privacy. Our covert operations have enabled us to obtain key evidence which clients use to seek restitution and reimbursement for the cost of the investigation.

Insurance Investigation Houston- Why hire us

While you are at liberty to work with any insurance investigation company in Houston, we believe you stand a better chance of getting answers and evidence on claims. Bond Investigations Houston has also built a solid reputation based purely on merit. You can entrust us with your case(s) because we deliver what we promise. As our client, you are assured of the following:
✔ Access to skilled detectives
✔ Free Initial consultation
✔ Detailed & easy to read a report
✔ Admissible evidence
✔ Covert surveillance

In Urgent Need of Insurance Investigation Houston?

Call 713-955-5588 to schedule a FREE consultation or to speak to one of our professional insurance investigator in Houston. We are happy to take up your case and assist you with any kind of insurance investigations pertaining to claims.