Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees who become injured while on the job. In Texas, private employers don’t have to carry workers’ comp. However, they do need to report their non-coverage status and all work-related injuries as well as any occupational diseases contracted by the employees to the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Employers who do carry workers’ compensation should to report any occupational diseases or work-related injuries that result in more than one day off from work. Those who fail to do so commit an administrative violation and could be subject to administrative penalties.

With workers’ comp being such a serious matter in the workplace, and a benefit that those who are badly injured often must fight to receive in court, it’s a disgrace that there are people out there who would take advantage of the system and lie about their injuries or health conditions so that they can take paid time off from work. But it does happen and it occurs more often than many employers think.

If you have an employee that you believe is a troublemaker at work, or one who has a suspicious background, and they recently filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you can hire a workers’ compensation investigator to find out the truth. Sometimes it is just a matter of the employer overthinking the situation and the private investigator is unable to find any evidence that proves the employee committed fraud, but more often than not, the P.I. finds out isn’t being honest about their illness or injury.

They may find that an employee receiving compensation for a bad back due to a work injury was just helping a friend move and loading furniture into their truck. Or they could find out that they used tampered medical records in court so that the worker could receive more compensation than they deserved.

There are a number of ways that an employee can receive workers compensation benefits that they don’t deserve, and a professional workers’ compensation investigator in Houston has the knowledge and skills to uncover the truth about the situation. If you have a feeling that your employee may be lying about their condition, don’t let the guilt of possibly investigating a sick employee stop you from hiring a workers’ compensation investigator. If it turns out that the worker is not being truthful about their condition, they are taking benefits away from injured employees who really do deserve to receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

What to Look for When an Employee is Committing Workers’ Comp Fraud


There are a few things that employers should look out for when they suspect that an employee is committing workers’ comp fraud.

  • If the employee has ever caused trouble with other workers in the past
  • If they are constantly staying out of work and providing elaborate reasons for taking days off
  • If they have a criminal background
  • If you are constantly having a conflict with them over behavior, doing their work correctly, or being at work on time each day
  • If you have ever caught them lying to you in the past

These are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring a workers’ comp investigator in Houston if you have a suspicious employee file a claim. There are many other actions that could cause an employer to believe that a worker is involved in fraudulent activity.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult for innocent employees to receive if they don’t have enough evidence to prove their injury. And that is partially due to so much fraud committed within the system. Don’t let another criminal get away with receiving compensation that they don’t deserve. Get in touch with a workers’ comp investigator today for more information.