About Us

Dorian Bond


25 Years of Excellence in Conducting Private Investigations

Bond Investigations Houston is a leading private investigations agency that aggressively fights for personal right to know the truth. Founded in 2003 by Dorian Bond, the agency has built a reputation of carrying out fast, professional, and discreet investigations in Houston. We have diligently served a range of clients from single parents pursuing child support payments to employers seeking the vital information about applicants. With broad knowledge of private investigations and industry experience that spans 25 years, our Houston Private Investigators assures you of conclusive investigations that will yield a favorable outcome.


Experience the TRUE Bond Difference :


✔ Profound experience – for 25 years years, our Houston Private Investigators have diligently served various clients from insurers to attorneys to single parents pursuing deadbeats. With our broad experience, we are able to  handle any kind of private investigations.


✔ Results-driven: we’re a performance-based agency. Everything we do is inspired by the need to deliver beyond the expectations of clients. No matter what answers you seek, rest assured our detectives will deliver what you want in a timely and professional way.


✔ Respect for clients: we treat all clients respectfully and handle their cases in a dignified manner. Our houston private detectives will listen carefully to your issue and advise you on the best course of action.